Actresses Head Shots Portfolios as A Photographers’ Business Model



Headshots could be one of the most common angles a photographer has ever tried to take. But, do you know that headshots come in a variety of looks and purposes? We all might all have always thought that headshots are just the same way of a photographer capturing a model mainly from shoulder to head to show his/her profile. But for what purposes?

That could be one of hints that can help you understand varieties of headshots. There are at least three types of headshots: commercial, theatrical and business. Commercial headshots would remind you of a series of actresses’ headshots taken to show their persona. Their faces’ characteristics have to be shown up through the photos, supported by appropriate background which can all basically help the actresses achieve particular roles in movies or plays.

Well, it is obvious that good photos captured by a professional photographer can impact much on the actresses’ career. But will the same thing happen to the photographer? What can a photographer offer to his/her future clients by showing off these collections of actresses’ headshots? There could be a great chance for this photographer to use it as his/her business model.

The Power of Fame

We have been accustomed to judging someone’s quality based on his/her past, unless we just meet him/her. But for hiring a professional photographer, the first thing that pops in our mind of how we can trust his/her quality is from their portfolios. From their collection of photos they capture themselves, we can see how good their skills are, though we do not really understand which one is good and which one is less good.

But, we can at least find that one photographer who can capture the way we expect to be captured too. It is you are going to rely on your artistic sensitivity in order to find your matched photographer. However, do you know that finding photographs of famous actresses in a photographer’s portfolio can massively persuade us?

Well, this is absolutely subjective. Our unconsciousness tend to direct us to choose the one who have captured famous actresses, especially headshots of which their characteristics are gracefully shown up. In addition, actresses’ headshots can help you show your quality—that you have been given trust by professional actresses.
So, which actresses are you going to capture on headshots?

Different Ways to Marketing Your Photography Business


Photography can be a very great source to make money. Well, there have been lots of people proven that, including a friend of mine who started his career without expecting for it. He did photography as something he loves. But then, he develop his photography skill gradually, as well as his business perspective. He seemed to start realizing that his hobby can turn into a profitable field.

So, that is how he established a photography studio of his own. He has served so many customers and gain fortune from his hobby. But, during the first days of his opening the business, the road was indeed tough. Marketing is one of the most difficult obstacles he found. What he has today is just an evidence that he could make it. He succeeded to find the right ways to market his business.

Social Media Approach

If you are an aspiring photographer, then you must have been so familiar with Instagram. This platform is a huge phenomenon. From amateurs to pro photographers, they have their own page on Instagram where public can easily access their portfolio. Just by entering into our homepage, people can see how we capture things.

Instagram is one great platform to start your business marketing. Its easy access is one main reason of why you must adopt this solution. By giving your photos some hashtags, people can track you down more easily. In addition, the caption feature completes your photo so that you can describe anything you like about that certain photo.

Google Business Pages

This can be another great way to start marketing your business. Nowadays, people go to Google for almost every question. If you register your business account to this facility, then people can easily find your business, together with your contact information.
These business pages typically show up before the regular Google search results, so it can be ensured that public can see get to your business more quickly and easily. And the best of all, to gain this access does not cost you a penny.

Word of Mouth Advertising

There is no doubt that this is the strongest advertising method. We tend to trust what people close to us say about particular thing. You can use this pattern to market your business. But, you must be able to find a way of how you can persuade first people to extend the advertising procedure. One of the most common ways is giving bonuses to everyone that can encourage their friends to come to your business.

Ideal Winter Photography


You can choose to stay home as most people do during this season, or go out of it to discover magnificent scenes. Winter has its own attractiveness. Sometimes it creates creepy atmosphere but at other times, winter brings a sense of calmness and silence. It depicts a moment after things are vanished by something so violent that what is left on the ground is only cold materials.

Numerous photos on snowflakes have been captured—showing the beautiful shape and unusual pattern made from harmonized and symmetrical sides. This is kind of an amazing object to put on a photograph to which we can go back to see its coldness and stiffness.

Naked or snow-covered trees may also be fascinating objects to keep in photographs. Shooting them from distance is what most liked by a number of photographers. It creates a sense of solitude in our mind. Similarly, falling snow drags us to a state of serenity, seeing it as our blessing given by God to see such magnificence.

Sunrises or Sunsets

Have you ever tried to shoot a winter sunrise? Sunrises and sunsets can be the best time on winter days to shoot photos as they take longer duration to stay at that state compared to warmer days. The yellow shades showed by the sun induces strong contrast from the whiteness you get from snowy ground. In addition, shooting sunsets and sunrises is suggested as it can help you resolve white balance issues which mostly come out on winter shooting.

Moreover, a number of photographers argue that winter can be the very best moment to use unrealistic HDR. This has something to do with minimizing the dullness of white show that could be extremely lack of texture and depth.

Random Faces

Each season definitely comes with distinct characteristics, both natural and social. Have you ever wondered about how human beings created wool jacket, gloves, and socks to warm their bodies during winter? This sort of social pattern is winter’s social characteristics. People created and embarked on unexplained phenomenon.

Can you see that as a very unique statement to show from your winter photographs? From these photos, you can show how people dress up against the coldness outside, while protecting their skin from the temperature outside. Portrait of a random man sitting on a bench of a park in a winter day could also be gorgeous object to depict different side of winter.