• Because we import these CF in large quantities from our broker in China who in turn purchases these compact flash direct from the manufacturer…These CF are pulled from the assembly line for slightly miss-printed or miss-cut labels. Internally the compact flash are completely normal,that’s because they are tested at point of manufacture ( before final printing quality check at assembly line) and then once again by the broker, that’s 2X before they are even exported to us.

Since they were pulled from the assembly line they are void of manufacturer warranty* and they were never placed in retail packaging. When you receive them they will be in bubble wrap in clam shell type carrying case like in the picture here  but will have been tested twice, that’s two times to insure they’re good !

  • The Camera Battery Chargers are discounted as we buy directly from the manufacturers overseas,making it possible to pass this discount on to you!
  • Plus we guarantee* our product to be fully working! But occasionally there is damage in the hands of the USPS in delivery to you, we strongly suggest you try your CF when it arrives immediately and let us know within 2 weeks so that we can either replace or refund you, all our shipping is insured!


  • We are based in the USA for fast shipping and customer service 🙂 which means…


  • Easy access to returns if need be, we are close by, if you buy from Asia using ePacket with our competitors you will have to pay for shipping back to Hong Kong, if you need an exchanged item, we are very near by and reachable by phone or contact form located on the bottom of all our pages.


  • We have 100’s hundreds of very happy customers, 100% Satisfaction Rating and been selling compact flash for many, many years, take a look at our “Recent Customer Reviews” and “About Us” at the top of the page 🙂


  • We are open to larger orders at discounts, simply contact us for more details as well



Written by Thelma Nurman — May 07, 2016